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8 Most Popular Cars For Wedding

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When arranging a wedding it’s more than likely you’ll wish to go in style and there is no better route than being driven by a completely formally dressed driver in an extravagance Rolls-Royce. In any case, the selection of vehicles accessible for procure today is massive. Running from Vintage Cars from the thundering twenties, Classic Cars from the 1960’s to the most recent extravagance Rolls-Royce Phantom we are certain you will discover something to suit your style and taste. We have glanced back at a large number of appointments and recorded the main 10 most well known wedding cars on our cheerful couples wedding day list of things to get.

Bentley Mulsanne

The Mulsane is the leader of the advanced Bentley armada. This most recent extravagance grown-up toy from Crewe is a car to be seen in, or to be driven. With extravagant calfskin insides and profoundly cleaned pecan all through you could be confused with intuition you were inside the Savoy. It doesn’t beat this !


The Ferrari is a striking Italian two seat sports car so it is perfect for the Groom’s vehicle and will surely overwhelm the spider webs. The Groom’s car is generally required for the drive to the service from that point the Bride and Groom will withdraw together in the Bride’s car.

American Cadillac

This Cadillac is from the 1950’s time. Assembled when Elvis was King and Bill Hailey ‘shook nonstop’ and everything in the USA was Big including the space inside these huge vehicles. The amazing tail balances are something to view. Watch out if it’s turning around.

Beauford Convertible

The 30’s Style Vintage Beauford Convertible is tenderly known as the ‘Fantasy’ car. This cutting edge car worked in a vintage style was designed according to the 1930’s Duesenburg. Simple get to is managed from running sheets on the two sides and an advanced motor expands dependability.

Morris Minor Convertible

The Morris Minor is an exceptionally beautiful car which was delivered from 1948 to 1971. It immediately got one of the most well known family cars, with numerous updates made throughout the years. Likewise with all family cars from that period the space inside was littler than the present vehicles so constantly worth review before booking.

Vintage Rolls-Royce

The style of the 1930’s is reflected in this great limousine with running sheets for simple access. It has extremely photogenic metal headlamps, whitewall tires and spoked wheels. Inside the fundamental lodge space is noteworthy when two are voyaging yet periodic seats can be utilized to expand the travelers to six. Many can be found in conventional White.

Austin Princess Limousine

The Classic Austin Princess Limousine is an enormous seven front seat wedding vehicle. It is entirely versatile and can carry only two travelers with more legroom than a London Taxi. Then again, with utilization of the incidental situates these great cars can carry six travelers in the principle lodge and one in the front by the escort. Perfect extravagance transport for the Bridesmaids or the Bride and Groom.


Moves Royce Phantom

No wedding would be viewed as extravagant enough without the most recent lead model from Rolls-Royce. The Phantom staying at the apex of extravagance motoring with nothing to contact it. This popular British symbol has consistently been known as The Best Car in The World. it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why, its popular segment stature radiator with the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot is known the world over. To possess it you will require at least £362k.

Best Wedding Car Hire Choices

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With such huge numbers of delightful spots to state “I Do” in Yorkshire we chose to take a gander at potential alternatives for driver driven Yorkshire Wedding Car Hire.

Yorkshire and the Humber, the biggest UK province by a long shot. The province spreads from the Pennines toward the North Sea Coast and from the Tees to Sheffield. Envision your wedding photograph collection with The Mountains of the Yorkshire Dales, or by the Water as a background.

Wedding Car Hire for a Cathedral Wedding

The notable kind disposition of the people of Yorkshire will enhance your day and make life-time recollections whatever scene you settle on. Yorkshire has such a significant number of contrasting scene styles to offer from Stately Homes to Castles and from Churches to Abbeys. Selby Abbey being one of the most exceptional anyplace in England.

So how about we take a gander at the decision of Yorkshire Wedding Cars accessible on our site. To help while looking on our site channel by the kind of vehicle you are searching for ie Classic, Vintage or Modern.

why this one

A pleasant case of a Classic vehicle is demonstrated as follows, a 1950’s Bentley leaving from the wedding setting of Monk Fryston Hall in Leeds, West Yorkshire. In spite of the fact that this Bentley is situated in Doncaster this vehicle will traverse the region of Yorkshire to arrive at your wedding.

As Yorkshire and the Humber is huge you will initially need to think about how a long way from the scene you will travel. Any vehicles can be viewed as adequate when separations are short. Remember whether your movement time is over 30 minutes you may wish to think about a progressively present day type of transport. Some Vintage Wedding Cars don’t have Heating or Air-Conditioning and the suspension framework may not be very what we are utilized to today.

Ladies love ‘Fantasy’ cars

At the point when you are considering employing a Yorkshire wedding car you should think about the season. A convertible or 1930’s time Vintage Wedding Car probably won’t be the best decision in Yorkshire for a virus winter time wedding. Normally you don’t have to turn to a cutting edge car for your winter wedding. Warmers are accessible is some exemplary wedding cars from the 1940’s onwards. In the event that you do wish to procure a vintage car throughout the winter there are obviously the vintage ‘style’ wedding vehicles to consider. Worked to look vintage, these cars have progressively present day mechanics. The most well known of this style is the Beauford Convertible. Ladies love this ‘Fantasy’ car with its 1930’s looks and current unwavering quality.

On the off chance that you are as yet uncertain and need some wedding car thoughts view our ongoing Top 10 most well known Wedding Car Hire blog we have distributed.

On the opposite side there are the most recent present day extravagance vehicles. An advanced Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes or Jaguar are down to earth in any season as they all have radiators and cooling.

For those leaning toward a Classic Car you couldn’t show improvement over a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud from the 50’s and 60’s time. These trendy British symbols are one of the most looked for in the wake of wedding cars in the UK today. The Classic Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud appeared underneath was in participation at a South Yorkshire Wedding this year.

Great Wedding Car enlist accessible to employ for weddings

A few cars go well together regardless of whether not a similar make to permit transportation for The Bride and Bridesmaids. The beneath pair in a comparative shading plan are the seven seat Daimler DS420 Limousine and a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and are envisioned together at Ripon Cathedral, a prominent North Yorkshire wedding employ service scene.


Famous Film and TV Cars for Your Wedding

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More than 23 years Premier Carriage has given vehicles to many Film and Television programs, subsequently, we have given our administrations and vehicles to numerous big name weddings and gave vehicles that have highlighted on both the big screen and little screen and numerous you may well perceive. We have assembled underneath a short determination of a portion of our famous Film and TV vehicles. All vehicles are accessible to procure for weddings.


Vintage Car utilized in the TV arrangement of Agatha Christie’s “Poirot” featuring entertainer David Suchet

This 1935 Vintage Daimler was utilized in the famous Agatha Christie film ‘Master Edgware Dies’, featuring on-screen character David Suchet as the famous Belgian investigator ‘Hercule Poirot’. It was likewise the customary vehicle of the late King Edward VIII and Mrs Wallis Simpson after the Kings relinquishment and during his outcast in France. Aside from its famous family, the car is additionally a mainstream decision for Brides because of its open inside.

ITV Television Detective Series ‘Try’, the spin-off of ‘Monitor Morse’ with Actor Shaun Evans

This 1959 Jaguar Mark 1 is the real car utilized by the lead entertainer Shaun Evans in the mainstream criminologist dramatization arrangement ‘Attempt’. The TV arrangement dependent on the more youthful ‘Investigator Morse’ which featured John Thaw. Shaun utilizes this very car as his own Police Car in the arrangement, he says driving it is the best part, he just cherishes it.

Michael Jackson in the Limousine during his Devon Tour

This specific American Lincoln Stretched Limousine warmly known as ‘Large Tex’ due its number plate has carried some extremely famous individuals in its time including the world-famous ruler of pop himself ‘Michael Jackson’ alongside his sister ‘Germaine Jackson’ and closest companion ‘Uri Geller’ during the Devon some portion of Michael Jackson’s UK visit.

Exemplary Triumph on the TV recording set of “Bergerac”

This 1949 Triumph Roadster was utilized in the TV arrangement ‘Bergerac’ set on the island of Jersey and was utilized by the star of the arrangement John Nettles who can be seen roosted on the car conversing with the chief. John Nettles obviously is additionally notable for the arrangement ‘Midsomer Murders’. The Triumph Roadster was structured on the exemplary tourers of the 1930’s the place two extra travelers could go in ‘Dickey Seats’ in the boot, yes in the boot !. On this specific car these two seats have their very own windscreen.

American Dodge Charge utilized for the US TV Series “Dukes of Hazard”

This specific understood notorious 1969 Dodge Charger known as The General Lee was utilized in the US TV arrangement ‘Dukes of Hazard’ and the dashboard is really marked by the main on-screen character John Schneider who played ‘Bo’ in the TV arrangement.

Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly landing at the Strictly Come Dancing set

This two-entryway 1930’s style Beauford Convertible was utilized by BBC TV for a scene of the famous BBC TV arrangement ‘Carefully Come Dancing’ appeared above with the late Sir Bruce Forsyth and his co-have Tess Daly landing on set. Didn’t he do well ! You will take note of the front seat was evacuated to guarantee Sir Bruce had a lot of space for those famous tap-moving feet.

1924 Vintage Cadillac utilized for TV arrangement “Downton Abbey”

This 1924 Vintage Cadillac Limousine was utilized in the mainstream TV arrangement ‘Downton Abbey’ and you may well recollect American on-screen character Shirley MacLaine as ‘Martha Levinson’ being escort driven along the drive and benevolently venturing out outside the primary passage of Downton Abbey. Our escort really drove the car and said Shirley was magnificent both all through character.

Vintage Rolls-Royce with British Actor Richard Briers and Musician Dave Davies and their spouses

This Rolls-Royce Park Ward Convertible was utilized for the day to ship in Bournemouth both famous entertainer ‘Richard Briers’ and his better half Ann, and world-famous Kinks performer ‘Dave Davies’ and his significant other Kate to the origin of the career of surely understood comic ‘Tony Hancock’. A large number were holding back to see their appearance.

Great Triumph on Coronation Street set for the wedding of Daniel and Sinead

In 2019, This great Triumph Vitesse 6 Sports made our rundown of “Famous Film and TV Vehicles” for being utilized in the prominent TV Series ‘Crowning ritual Street’ as the wedding transport for Daniel and Sinead presented previously. What’s more, beneath stopped outside the famous Rovers Return, as there is no driver in the photograph we would all be able to think about where he’s gone ! The Rovers .. In the event that you’d like this car for your wedding, at that point it is [ref 323], situated in Cheshire territory.